Dental Implants

God gave Us two sets of teeth but with constant research and innovations now You can have a third set of teeth just like the natural ones.

If we keep in mind the form, function and aesthetics in mind, than dental implants are the ideal solution for replacement of missing teeth. Whether you want to replace few or all of your teeth, dental implants are the choice of treatment.


There are many reasons it's important to replace missing teeth:

1. Having all of your teeth can make you more self-confident. You don't worry that people notice that you have teeth missing.

2. When teeth are lost, the area of the jawbone that held those teeth starts to dissolve. Implants help to preserve the bone and the shape of your jaw.

3. Tooth loss affects how well you chew and what foods you are able to eat. Some people who have missing teeth have poor nutrition, which can affect overall health. Raw fruits and vegetables require more chewing. Someone who finds it difficult to chew may avoid them. Other options, such as blending, pureeing and juicing, are not always considered.

4. The loss of teeth can change your bite, the way your teeth come together. Changes in your bite can lead to problems with your jaw joint, called the temporomandibular joint.

5. Losing teeth can lead to changes in your speech.


A Dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root & commonly it is a screw or cylinder shape made of titanium. Each implant is placed into a socket carefully drilled at a precise location of the intended tooth. Once fitted, these implants provided foundation for long-term support of crowns, bridges or dentures.

If you are missing just one natural teeth, then one implant is normally all that will be needed to provide a replacement. Larger space created by two, three or more missing teeth does not necessarily needs one implant per tooth, however the exact number of implants will be depend upon the quality & volume of bone at each potential implant site.

Even if you have no teeth at all, you now have the opportunity to have complete set of fully fixed teeth. With a certain number of implants, decided by your jaw size & few other factors, fixed teeth are possible precluding the need to the typical removable set of dentures which are not only uncomfortable to begin with but highly inconvenient, considering that they must be removed every night, stored in water & cleaned outside the mouth.


We at SmileAxis believe that implants are not just about replacing teeth. They are about replacing them with ones that look absolutely stunning and as natural as humanly possible! This requires a perfect blend of an artistic mind with surgical genius. Therefore, all implant cases at SmileAxis Dental are performed by a team comprising of aesthetic dentists and implantologists. Each has acquired mastery in his/her respective fields and this combination brings about results that are absolutely stunning and undoubtedly unmatched.


Depending on the technology used, implants at SmileAxis are categorized into 3 types, based on the time required:

• Two stage implants: The procedure is carried out in two stages spread over a minimum interval of 3 months. The first stage involves the placement of the implants (or titanium screws into the bone) and requires one to two sessions. The second stage involves the fabrication of the crowns (teeth).

• Single stage implants: The latest in dental implant technology, this involves completion of the entire procedure, right from extractions, implant placements and fabrication of the crowns (teeth) in one stage of approximately two weeks. This system can be used for almost all types and categories of cases.

• Immediate implants: This is a specialized technique, allowing teeth to be replaced in a single day. Most cases are eligible for this technique; however, scans and evaluation are required to confirm this. This system is a revolutionary concept that combines precision surgery with specialized implants for immediate results. When it comes to replacement of teeth with implants, each individual has unique needs. Whether it is the extent and quality of the bone, the relation of jaws, an individual's preference, time constraints or budget, there are hundreds of possible situations, each requiring a customized solution. We SmileAxis Dental are well equipped to cater to any situation through our broad range of expertise.

Implants vs. Alternatives

Depending on your particular problem, implants can be more expensive than the alternatives (denture or bridge). The cost of implant basically depend on many factors and vary considerably.

The upfront cost for implants can be more than for other types of restorations. But the investment can pay off in the long run. You may not need an implant for every missing tooth. Your dentist can discuss how many implants you will need.

Other benefits of implants include:

• Feel — Because implants are embedded in your bone, they feel more like your natural teeth than dentures.

• Convenience — You will not need to worry about denture adhesives or having your dentures slip, click or fall out when you speak.

• Nutrition — You may be able to chew better with implants. Chewing can be difficult with regular dentures, especially ones that don't fit perfectly. A regular upper denture also covers your palate, which can reduce your sense of taste.

• Self-esteem —Because implants are so much like your natural teeth, you will think about them less. Your self-esteem and confidence will be improved because you will not have to worry about denture problems or people noticing that you have missing teeth. Regular dentures also can affect your speech. This can make you less self-confident when talking.

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