Controlled Flawless STERILIZATION

Now days the biggest concern for any dental patient is about the sterilization techniques employed in the dental practice. Without a fool proof technique the patients are prone for deadly cross infections like HIV and Hepatitis B during the dental treatment.

At SmileAxis, we follow strict sterilization protocols in accordance with international standards followed worldwide.

Below is the information on how we maintain hygiene and manage sterilization process in our clinic.

A. Chairside

Chair is cleaned with disinfectants, headrest is covered with disposable drape, all handles, table tops etc are wiped with disinfectants.

B. Disposables

We use a fresh, new pair of gloves for every patient that is disposed of immediately after the treatment is completed. All gloves are torn as well so there is no question of whether any of them were ever used before. In addition we use disposable masks, suction tips and plastic glasses. All local anaesthetic is given from sealed syringes that are opened in front of you and disposed of immediately after treatment. We also use filtered water for rinsing your mouth during procedures.

C. Instrument Sterilization:

All instruments are thoroughly washed in antiseptic solutions and wiped clean. They are the packaged into sterile pouches and vacuum sealed to prevent contamination. Our office offers a large Sterilization and Disinfection Centre utilizing the latest techniques and equipment to ensure patient safety. This Centre guarantees that all dental instruments and equipment sterilization is on par with international standards of asepsis as certified by the University of Louisville.

1. Chairside And Transport

Operatory is prepared for the next patient by removing contaminated and used items. Chairside is than wiped with disinfectant and disposables are than replaced with fresh ones. Instruments are than transported to the instrument-processing where they are processed in accordance of international standards.

2. Holding/Presoaking

First step towards obtaining foolproof sterilization begins with pre-soaking and holding the instruments in a disinfectant enzymatic cleaner. This facilitates the cleaning process by preventing patient material from drying on the instruments making sterilization more efficient.

3. Ultrasonic Cleaning

After pre-soaking all instruments are transferred to special ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning reduces direct contact with contaminated instruments and thus decreases the chances of cuts and puncture wounds. Ultrasound, because of its cavitation action (billions of imploding bubbles are generated, which produce a cleaning turbulence that removes and disrupts debris), is more effective and efficient than manual scrubbing.


After cleaning instruments are rinsed well and dried and inspected. Damaged and rusted (if any) instruments are discarded at this stage.


Our goal of sterilization is more than just sterilizing instruments between patients; it is delivering sterile instruments chairside every time they are to be used. Proper cleaning is important, but so is maintaining sterility of instruments after they have been processed through the sterilizer. As Unpackaged instruments have no practical shelf-life. Our office uses a “SEALED POUCHES” system which eliminates unnecessary handling of individual instruments by the disinfection staff which helps to eliminate exposure to the instruments. After instruments are put through a series of cleaning procedures they are wrapped in special pouches for final sterilization.

6. Autoclave

For final sterilization, We are one of the few clinics equipped with most modern B-CLASS AUTOCLAVE. With B-CALSS AUTOCLAVE, you are assured of 100% sterilization of all the equipment and instruments used during your treatment procedures.

Click here to know more about B-class Autoclave

7. Post Sterlization Storage

To maintain and further enhance the sterilization of the instrument, all the instruments are stored in Ultraviolet (UV) chamber, in which UV rays maintains the sterilization constantly.

D. Water System

Our office also has dental units in each treatment room which have self-contained water systems. These water systems utilize sterile water which simply means that any water going into your mouth while sitting for a procedure is sterile. These systems are flushed between patients with disinfectants. The system is also cleansed on a regular basis which reduces the amount of biofilm.

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